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About Us


Anemoessa Studios is a family owned business it has opened its doors since 2002.​

The hotel provides a very warm and family like atmosphere.

The hotel is situated in the area of Ammoopi. Ammoopi is half way fromthe airport to town "Pigadia"

The distance from the airport is about 13.5km

\and from town "pigadia" is 6.7km.

The nearest beaches from the hotel are about 500m away.

 At the hotel you can realx by the pool or you can visit one of the many beaches that are near the hotel. 

If youre looking for a quiet place to stay with your family on one of the most gorgeous greek island here is the place to be !

Karpathos isand has some of the most beautiful beaches in europe ,

with crystal clear waters and a large variety of beaches to choose from to visit for your daily excortions on the island .


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